Monday, June 2, 2014

boozin' at the boatyard

Rob flew in Saturday afternoon and I was able to surprise him at the airport. He was already at the taxi stand when I spotted him and I was practically one foot in front of him before he noticed I was there! Even though I knew he could have just taken a cab to my apartment I really wanted to meet him. I'm glad I did! 

Once we got to the apartment and Rob unpacked, we spent the afternoon by the pool. We then went out for dinner at Tapas and had a few drinks at the Tiki Bar before heading back home to pass out! Sunday morning we woke up early for breakfast. After a quick stop at the beach, we did some grocery shopping for the week. I didn't realize how little food I actually had in the house until Rob came. But we stocked up on snacks and plenty of rum and beer! 
In the afternoon we headed to the Boatyard. This place is pretty cool! You pay $40 barbados to get in, but you get that $40 back to buy food and drinks at the restaurant. There's a rope swing, a water trampoline, cabanas and beach chairs so it's a pretty sweet deal! We decided to rent a jet ski which was fun, but rather salty. My eyes still hurt.

After jet ski-ing we enjoyed multiple beverages and some food. Rob tried a flying fish sandwich for the first time and I had coconut chicken strips. It was all really good and definitely worth it. Needless to say we spent quite a bit more than our "tab" which is a common occurence at the boatyard I'm sure. All in all, we had a great "first" day, even though it was a bit overcast!

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