Sunday, June 29, 2014

the weekend via my iphone

Lugging around my DSLR is sometimes annoying. I haven't bought a camera bag yet that fits all my lenses so I often just have them floating around in a big tote bag. And a lot of the time, I don't really want to haul a tote around. This weekend was one of those weekends. But I did take a few pictures with my iphone so I thought I would share!

I've been finding new ways to deal with the humidity and braiding my hair seems to be the best route. I finally taught myself how to do a fish tail braid. Now that my hair is longer it makes it easier, but my arms still ache by the time I finish. I usually just opt for a regular/french braid.
My fitness level lately has been sad. I walk quite a bit, have pulled out my yoga mat a few times, and have done laps in the pool, but other than that, I've been slacking. I found out about a pilates studio close to my house so I signed up for a TRX class Saturday morning. It was quite a workout. I got pretty light headed a few times and had to sit down. Every now and then I have this issue, I blame it on my low blood pressue mixed with early mornings and the humidity here. But anyways, I'm super sore today! After my workout I walked down the boardwalk to the market. It was lowtide and the beach was beautiful.
I got a few strange items. This massive mango and a weird looking fruit called a sugar-apple or anon. It apparently has a sweet, custard like centre. It's in the family of the soursop, which mom and I tried while she was here. Another strange strange fruit. I'm looking forward to cracking it open!
I grabbed an iced coffee and was about to head home when I noticed a sign for pudding and souse! I had to get some obviously. And I even talked the guy into telling me his recipe. I think this was even better than the Souse Factory, shhhh.
On my way home from the market I stopped at a little boutique. I had just been talking to the girls at the pilates studio about how much I miss shopping. It's pretty limited here (unless you're willing to drop the big bucks at Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Michael Kors etc.). There was another woman in the store and she somehow convinced me to try a few things on. I'm glad I did because I love these dresses I got. I also got a shirt that I'm not 100% about unfortunately. I was torn between this one and a muscle shirt with flamingos on it. I chose this one because it could be worn more often, but I kind of wish I got the flamingos!
I headed home after another stop to try on bikinis. I loved one but it was a bit pricey (I might go back this week, we'll see). And I spent the afternoon by the pool. As I was setting up shop at my lounge chair I put my iPad on the chair next to me and it bounced slow motion off the chair, out of it's case and onto the concrete. Ugh.  Unfortunately, it didn't survive the fall and now has quite the crack. Luckily its on the edge and I can still read the screen, but I'll need to replace it eventually.
After a shower I headed into Oistins to pick up fish for dinner. I got a tuna steak. It was only $8 BD for one pound of tuna. That's $4.00!! Wild.
Anyways, Oistins was beautiful as per usual. I love all the fishing boats.
Oh and this little guy was snoozing by the beach. He was so sweet. He woke up long enough for me to give him some loving and then dozed off again when I left to walk on th beach.
Sunday morning I woke up with heavy eyes. Literally. Two weeks ago while Rob was here, I broke out in this rash that started on my face, then my chest and then my arm. The rash on my arm finally went away this week. My anti-histamine prescription ran out on Friday and it seems that what ever I'm allergic to is still around because IT'S BACK. Just on my face so far. My forehead and eyelids seem to be the worset, hence the swollen eyes. Pretty I know. I went to the pharmacy this morning to re-fill my anti-histamine. I think I'm just going to keep getting it filled for the rest of the time I'm here. I'm allergic to Barbados. Ugh.
After icing my eye-balls and getting my prescription, I made myself a salad with leftover tuna and fresh veggies.
Then I headed to the airport to pick Steph up around 2:00pm. When I checked the arrival board, it said her flight was on time. But my Air Canada iPhone app said that she was "diverted" to Saint Lucia. Then the app told me she had landed in St. Lucia, then that she had landed in Barbados ... it was confusing. I'm glad I brought a good book. Finally, after four hours of waiting at the airport she finally made it through the gates at 6:00pm!

After freshening up, we headed to the Tiki bar for drinks and dinner. A few "soup bowls" later we were ready to head home in the rain and we spent the rest of the night in the pool.

Overall, it was a pretty good weekend. I'm happy Steph is here and I'm looking forward to showing her around Bridgetown tomorrow and exploring Barbados!

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