Tuesday, August 26, 2014

welcome home

It's been just over a week since Rob and I moved into our new house!! Except I was away camping for most of last week so we've actually only lived together for like five days! But so far so good. The house has been coming along nicely and being semi-unemployed has given me more time to get everything in order!

In the midst of moving both of our MacBook chargers called it quits hence my lack of posting. So we have ordered a new one but in the mean time I'm on my ipad and thought I would share some iPhone pictures!

Friday, August 15, 2014

moving day

As the title may suggest, it's moving day tomorrow! What!? That happened so fast! I feel like I just got home from Barbados last week, but that was almost four weeks ago! Since then I've literally been up to my eyeballs in diy projects! They are coming along nicely (not without a few hiccups, but I'll talk about that another time), but I honestly don't think a lot of our furniture will be ready. I haven't put the first coat of varnish on our kitchen table, chairs, or TV stand ... I guess we will be having picnic dinners the first few nights.

Tonight we are loading up the moving truck so we are ready to move tomorrow. I have insisted on painting the living room and bedroom before we move in, so if all goes to plan I will be painting at 8:00 am and moving stuff in, in the afternoon. Wish us luck!

Since I don't have any pretty pictures to share from my projects yet, I thought I would share a few of my pinterest inspirations!

I'm literally obsessed with bar carts right now. I need one, I want one, I must have one. And I found that exact one with the sort of star burst brass design and teak legs on craigslist in Michigan. I'm going to try and negotiate the price but I think it's fate!

As you can probably tell I'm going for a lot of deep navy blues, blacks, greys and creams. I'm painting the walls a light grey and hoping that our green/grey couches will look good with it!

Now back to packing up my life! See you on the flip side, Cherry Avenue here we come!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

this is some grown up shit

After living on my own (well excluding roommates of course) for the last five years, I knew it would be strange to move back in with my parents. So when the opportunity arose to move into a decently priced but super cute rental (my dad just happens to be the landlord), I jumped at the chance. I mentioned it to my boyfriend, also tired of living at home (for all of his 25 years), and he was on board right away!

YOU GUYS, this is some real grown up shit. I have to live with a boy!!! Okay so I've lived with two boys before (it didn't go well, sorry Dylan and Henry) but this is so different. It's scary and exciting and overwhelming and exhilerating. Who knew you could have so many emotions over living with a person. I think the biggest emotion is excitement though! We've been talking about this for a while and after living long-distance for five years, it will be so nice not having to say goodbye.

But now the real scary stuff starts. Figuring out what we each have, deciding what we need, and what can wait until after we move in. Rob is actually being much better than expected when it comes to the furniture and decorations. Usually he is very opinionated and hates most of what I love, so he's been surprising me a lot lately. For example, I sent him a picture of some couches I loved and asked him what he thought (expecting a "those are ugly as f***" reply). Instead the text in return was "I like them, let's pick them up tonight." Amazing!

Since I'm still looking for a job, we are trying to keep the spending to a minimum. I've spent countless hours scouring kijiji and refinishing hand-me-down furniture, but moving into a new place is always expensive. I thought I would share some of my progress via my iphone before some bigger reveals!

**Note: This are not pretty blog pictures, these are "real life, no time for staging" pictures!
I love the shape of this couch and chair. We got them for an awesome price and the upholstery is in great shape. While I'm not in love with the colour or style of the upholstery we will probably live with them like this for a while, but I can definitely see myself re-upholestering them one day!
I've been playing around with colour schemes and I'm thinking blues and greys and maybe even some black. But pops of colour like that citron patterned pillow keep catching my eye (and Rob's too surprisingly!). I'm also loving the way my grandma's 1950's chairs are turning out! Above is a picture of them after being sanded and with one and two coats of dark walnut stain.

I'm totally in love with these velvet blue curtains from West elm but since I'm trying not to break the bank, I'll likely go with these ikea ones.
Still on my to-do list: Find fabric for the dining room chairs, re-finish the dining room table, re-finish the buffet (to be used as a TV stand), re-upholester two (free and awesome) chairs, paint bed-side tables, build a sofa table, find curtains, buy a rug, buy table lamps for living room and bedroom .... I might be forgetting somethings. As you can see, the list is endless. I'm going to be a busy girl for the next two weeks!!