Tuesday, June 17, 2014

the last supper

On Wednesday night, Rob and I went to Naru for our last supper "out" in Barbados. We just ended up ordering take out and having leftovers Thursday and Friday night (which worked out well because I had an allergic reaction to something and didn't want to leave the house ...).

But our last supper was definitely blog worthy! Naru is a restaurant that specializes in "Caribbean cuisine, Asian Techniques, Sushi & Traditional Japanese Dishes." The seating area is right on the boardwalk by Accra beach so you can enjoy your dinner with a view. 

After ordering cocktails, a Naru Iced Tea (vodka, rum, tequila, malibu, raspberry sake, orange and pineapple juice and grenadine) for Rob and a Purple Haze (raspberry sake, dragonberry bacardi, malibu, cranberry juice and blue Curacao) for me, we decided on a couple appetizers.

We started with the Local Rabbit Gyoza, pan fried Japanese dumplings with Jalapeno/Ham compote, yuzu dressings and sweet soy. They were amazing!  The sweet soy and jalapeno was a great sweet and spicy combo! We also had the Marinated Calamari and Grilled Octopus salad with mixed lettuce, cherry tomatoes and radish with a yuzu dressing. The calamari and octopus were so tender in this salad and it was a pretty decent portion. Rob was afraid that the radish would be an overpowering flavour but it blended really well.

For mains, I went for the Marinated Yellow Fin Tuna. It was seared rare with roasted garlic mashed potato and a hoisin and tamarind vinaigrette. The sauce was so delicious I could have licked the plate. Over the last year or so I have started liking tuna sushi (my friends and I went for all you can eat almost every other Friday). However, I had never ordered tuna as a main so I was excited to try this and I definitely wasn't disappointed!

Rob had Roasted Duck with with Mu-shu pancakes. It was basically build your own duck tacos! It came with roasted duck, crispy duck skin, cabbage, apple, lettuce and some sauces. I loved the presentation and the duck that I tried had a realy nice flavour. It was funny watching Rob assemble his tacos in a nice restaurant. But try as he might to be tidy, the server still came over and cleaned up his place before dessert.

My usual go-to dessert is the one on the menu with the most chocolate. However Rob isn't the biggest chocolate fan so I end up eating most of the dessert (what a pity!) So this time we opted for a dessert that both of us would eat, a cinnamon coffee cake with warm caramel and chocolate ice cream. It was good but it left me wanting more chocolate ... guilty.

The service at Naru matched their food. Rob actually said it was the best service he had ever had and I would have to agree. I'm definitely adding Naru to my list of restaurants that I want to take my dad when he comes this Thursday!

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