Thursday, June 26, 2014

must see in barbados

I have been compiling a list of "must sees" since I arrived in Barbados, a Barbados bucketlist of sorts. I make note of places that I hear about from locals, tourists, online reviews, tour guides etc. With less than four weeks left in Barbados, I am only about half way through my list! My hope is that when my cousin, Steph, is on the island we can cross off a few more places. I have yet to explore the south east side of the island so I think a day trip with stops at Crane Beach, Bottom Bay, Sharks Hole and Sam Lords Castle would be a great!

In addition to this list, I have been meaning to make a list of places to EAT. I've enjoyed so many (too many) amazing meals here and I definitely want to keep track of where I've been. I've also been told of some places by locals that are a bit off the beaten track, but promise to be delicious.

The past seven weeks have literally flown by. I need to get my butt in gear if I'm going to cross everything off my list! If only I didn't have to spend my days working ...

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