Thursday, June 5, 2014

"and on wednesdays we wear pink"

I had just planned to have lunch with Rob on Wednesday but my supervisor convinced me to take the afternoon off!! So in true Mean Girls fashion (Rob's favourite movie, shhh) I pulled out my hot pink bikini top and decided to play hookie from work. After we ate and napped, we lathered up in sunscreen and hit the beach.

I managed to try four more drinks off the Tiki Bar menu. Hmmm I think that leaves me with about 40 more drinks to try. I was trying to go down the list alphabetically but it didn't quite work out that way. One of my favourites had a few kinds of rum, peach schnapps, peach juice and mint. Interesting combo!

Once the sun sunk behind the trees we decided to head back home to shower. At this point our lunch was in our toes so we headed to Bert's Bar (the Ottawa Senators' owners have a sports bar down here!) to grab some food and catch the game. I love going to Bert's because I know I can get a good caesar (even though they don't put any "snacks" in them). And lastly, here's a snapchat from Bert's, the only picture I took!

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