Tuesday, June 10, 2014

tarzan and jane

Saturday morning we literally dragged ourselves out of bed after a night of drinking. The last thing we wanted to do was get in a car and drive for an hour and then swing through the jungle. But that's what we had signed up to do. The zip-lining tour bus picked us up first and then we headed up the west coast of the island to pick up a couple more groups. We saw Sandy Lane where Rihanna owns an apartment and where most celebrities stay when they visit Barbados. It would have been a really nice drive if we were less hungover. We then got to the zip-lining site where we met our tour guides, Hakim and Fat Man. I have to say, they definitely made the tour! I'm just going to share pictures for now, but I'm working on making a video with some of the clips I shot!

The middle of the island is such a stark contrast to the coasts. The gully, an old collapsed cave, is literally breathtaking. I looked down on my last run and couldn't even see the forest floor because we were so high up. But what I did see was an amazing tangle of trees. In some of the pictures you can see vines that hang down from the trees. I imagine those are what Tarzan used when swinging around the jungle, but in reality, those vines become the roots of the trees when they reach the forest floor. So cool!

It was an amazing day even though we were hung over. We had plans to stop at the market but we weren't feeling up to it after another long car ride. Eventually we got dropped off in Bridgetown and made our way to Chefette to cure our hangovers with fried chicken!

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