Sunday, June 15, 2014

island tour, bajan style

Last Sunday Rob and I met up with some locals and toured the island bajan style. This means hopping in the back of a truck and heading to places that most tourists would likely never find. After meeting up with about five other trucks/SUVs we headed up the west coast. Our first stop was to the abandoned U.S. Army Base. It was set up in the late 1950s but was abandonned in the early 80s. We had high hopes of trekking up the lighthouse, but unfortunately it was bolted shut and we couldn't get through (not for lack of trying!)
It has been so dry here that there have been a lot of brush fires, hence all the black scenery. From the army base we headed north. I keep finding myself in shock everytime I visit a new place on the island. From the calm west coast, the jungle-ish interior and the rough and rockey east coast, it's all so diverse!

At this point I switched to my waterproof camera because I wanted to explore in the water a bit. However, after watching some of the boys go in without shoes and come out with coral cuts on their feet I decided against it. The quality of these pictures aren't the greatest. But you get the gist!
After the boys came back to shore, we hopped back into the truck and headed down the east coast. A bunch of guys were visiting from England and were staying at a shack (literally) on the beach. The day had flown by and even though we had more stops planned, we ended up hanging out at the shack for the rest of the afternoon.
Around 6:00 we headed back to the south coast and stopped by Harbour Lights. After devouring an amazing cheese burger and getting our moneys worth of unlimited drinks Rob and I headed home early (it was a Sunday afterall). It was so nice to see the island from the eyes of locals. I might do a bit more of a "tourist" island tour when my dad is here so it will be nice to compare!

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