Tuesday, June 24, 2014

sunday sail

There was a sailing regatta in Barbados this past weekend and I pulled out all the stops trying to find a boat for my Dad and I to race on. I talked to every sailor I knew, emailed the yacht club, and even had my information forwarded to the entire yacht club roster ... but to no avail. Unfortunately, sailing season in Barbados is coming to an end and most of the yachts have been taken out of the water or have sailed on to different ports. As disappointed as we were, we still had plans to spend Sunday on the water.

We booked a catamaran cruise on Cool Runnings. Unfortunately I was a bit lazy with my camera but I snagged a few pics from my dads. It was just nice to relax, lay on the trampoline, and enjoy the sun. Surprisingly enough, I haven't had much time to just lay outside and tan, so I definitely enjoyed soaking up some rays.
This trip was similar to the Jolly Roger cruise, with a bit more relaxation involved. We stopped to swim with the turtles. There were actually quite a few more turtles at the place we stopped this time then with the Jolly Roger. They looked quite a bit younger as well. We then headed to another spot to snorkel at a ship wreck. I sat this one out and just relaxed while everyone admired the little fishies.

We then anchored in a little bay where we had a great buffet lunch: chicken, king fish, macaronie pie (obviously), salad, potato salad, rice, and bread. The baked chicken was delicious! After digesting for a little while Dad and I swam to shore to check out the beach. I beat him to the beach (he might not have known we were racing...)
 And then I decided I wanted to climb the big coral rock. Dad stood by with the camera telling me I was going to regret it the whole time, joking that he would have to get the first aid kit when we got back to the boat. He was only partially right. It did hurt like hell, coral is sharp. But no major injuries to speak of!
 Ouch. I think I'm noticing that I cut my knee at this point. And then laughing about it? Who knows.
 On top of the world.
 "Okay Dad, you can stop taking pictures now."
We swam back to the boat and I treaded water for another half hour or so talking to some people that were visiting Barbados from Greece. From one paradise to another, now that's the life.

After sailing back to shore, Dad napped for the afternoon and I read a book by the pool. I love Barbados weekends!

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