Tuesday, May 27, 2014


It seems like forever ago that my mom was here. She left a week ago today. Unfortunately my wifi has been really unreliable, hence the delay in sharing the rest of our adventures. I am now camping out by the pool, hooked up to my landlords wifi. Hopefully I can get this post done before it rains!

My mom's parents came to Barbados about 30 years ago. They went on the Jolly Roger, a pirate ship that cruises just off shore, and the story goes that my Pip had a few too many rum punches. After hearing about Pip doing a backdive off the plank, pantsing his friend and making my Mim cry, my mom decided it was a must when she came to visit! So Sunday morning we were picked up and brought into Bridgetown to cast away on the Jolly Roger. We boarded the boat and set sail. Two rum punches deep at this point we were loving life as they played the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song.

Our first stop was in Carlisle Bay to snorkel at a ship wreck. We walked the plank and dove in. Neither of us being very graceful. We avoided doing backdives off the plank, but there were some brave souls that got adventurous. We then spent a while swimming with the fishies before heading to our next destination.

We had a buffet lunch on board. We had steak and tuna along with macaroni pie, salad, rice, garlic bread and more rum. They then sent us out in style to swim with the turtles. This was a blast.

But the best part of the day was definitely swimming with the turtles. I can't describe it. Finding Nemo did a great job of portraying them, Duuudddddeeeee! They were so cool!

After our swim it was time to cruise back to shore. We had a dance party on deck and enjoyed the rest of our sail. It was a great day! Arrrrrr.

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