Friday, October 17, 2014

violet marie

Yesterday, we finally got around to taking little miss Violet's newborn photos. Everyone online recommends taking them between 5-10 days to ensure they are still sleepy and easy to work with. Well this 9 day old lady wasn't all that sleepy so we had to work a bit harder to get the photos to work. We did a few traditional ones and then did a couple autumn themed ones to celebrate her October birth.

Here are some of my favourites! This first one is actually from the hospital. Love baby feet!

Friday, October 3, 2014

all that glitters is gold

If you asked Rob, he would probably say I have a serious obsession with gold. The other day I told him I was going outside to paint something and his response was, "Let me guess, you're painting it gold." He isn't totally wrong. Looking around my living room there are quite a few hints of gold. What can I say! Sometimes a girl just needs some gold in her life!

A few weeks ago my cousin, Jenn, gave me a tea set as a house warming gift. The tea pot and tea cups were white porcelain but knowing me well she gave them to me with the intention that I would jazz them up a bit!

I woke up this morning to a miserable grey day. As I was making breakfast I opened the cupboard and those little tea cups were staring out at me. It was like a little gold lightbulb popped up above my head. I grabbed the tea set and a gold sharpie and got to work!

*Note: online reviews say to use an oil based Sharpie instead of a regular one. I only had a regular Sharpie and no desire to go out in the pouring rain, so that's what I used. I just plan on washing these gently.

I popped them all onto a baking sheet and into a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes. I haven't washed these yet but my fingers are crossed. They aren't perfect but I kind of love that about them!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Bar carts have been taking the blogger/pinterest world by storm! With that said, you would think they would be easier to find! I started my search locally but quickly realized I wouldn't find what I was looking for here. And that would be: antique, brass/gold, glass, on casters...What can I say, I want what I want. A couple months ago I found that pretty much matched all of my criteria except it was a bit over my budget and in Michigan.

Since then I have had zero luck. Nothing online, nothing at the flea market, nothing at the vintage stores, nothing new, nothing used, just nothing. So last week I went shopping with my momma in the states I had high hopes. I was determined. As per usual we stopped at Target so I could drool over the Nate Berkus line. I was checking out some rugs for our entry way when I heard my mom yell, "I found your bar cart!" Um excuse me. Sorry Target employees, I may have just dropped everything in the middle of the rug isle.

It wasn't perfect. The gold finish was a bit dull. The tiers were wood instead of glass. But, I liked it. A lot. I flagged the first employee down to see if they had any more in stock because the floor model was a bit scratched. A few minutes later she wheels over a creaky, streaky, scratched and dark brown wood version of the bar cart. Ew. It was last years version and it had seen better days. She quickly offered me a discount on the floor model and I wheeled it away before anyone else could snatch it up! With 20% off it was within my budget, can't get much better! A few coats of my favourite gold spray paint later and I have my dream bar cart!!
Over the last couple months, I have been buying things for my imaginary bar cart. So being able to pull them out and put them on a real bar cart was super exciting! The copper ice bucket, blue and gold decanter, and copper moscow mule mugs were all thrifted. The bartender book and martini shaker was donated by my parents. The cocktail napkins were a gift from my cousin, Steph (love them Steph!). The mirrored tray and the geometric glass were from Homesense (more expensive version can be found at West Elm)