Tuesday, May 20, 2014

oistins fish fry

First things first, I'm not a fish person. I grew up eating fresh fish at the cottage but I would only eat it if it was "a beauty" (otherwise known as a sunfish, which meant my parents lied everytime we ate fish because sunfish have barely any meat on them). I stopped eating fish for a while but I have come to like perch and some other mild fish in the last few years. But I knew coming to Barbados was that I was going to have to eat more fish.
I had heard about Oistins before coming to Barbados. A little fishing town, famous for it's Friday night fish fry. The first night mom was here we caught a ZR (small vans that are known for their loud music and crazy driving) into Oistins. We got there early so we had a chance to look around and check out the vendors. There were a lot of delicious looking options but we decided on Uncle George's. I had been told by everyone I have met so far that Uncle George's had the best fish and they definitely didn't disappoint. Thanks Uncle George.

 There are picnic tables set up under tents with twinkle lights which makes for a very cute atmosphere. I had the mahi-mahi and mom had tuna. We shared a big helping of macaroni pie and each had a few rum punches. There were quite a few chickens and roosters wondering around while we ate and this guy was glad we ordered fish!

After dinner we wandered around the arts and crafts booths while enjoying more rum and beer. We stopped off at the stage to watch some "wukking"(Barbados dancing) and listen to some awesome steel drum versions of current dance music. Mom had been up since 3:30am so we called it a night early and headed back to my apartment for a quick dip before passing out.

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