Saturday, May 10, 2014

barbados, beaches and banks (beer that is)

I am in Barbados. I am in Barbados. No matter how many times I tell myself I still can't believe it.

The flight was uneventful. My dad brought me to the airport Thursday night. The trip to the airport was probably more eventful than the flight itself. There were a bunch of road closures and if anyone has driven with my dad they know that he does not deal well with detours. Long story short I thought I might die before actually getting to Barbados. BUT we made it to the hotel in one piece and passed out for a few hours before our 5:45am wakeup call.

I watched the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants during the flight. I forgot how cheesy it was and that it makes me cry every time. After that I started reading the Fault in Our Stars. And cried again. The person next to me on the plane probably thought I was psycho.

After a quick nap we were flying over Barbados. I was able to snap a quick picture with my iPhone of the coastline as we decended. Gorgeous.

Once I got to the apartment and changed, Juliana and James (my landlords), took me into town to get a Barbados cell phone. They also showed me the way to the beach, grocery store, restaurants etc. We stopped to get rotis on the way into town. I tried curried chicken and potato and loved it! After unpacking, a quick swim and a shower, I called it an early night.

I woke up early with the sun and had coffee (it was instant and gross) and eggs on my porch. I headed to the beach and walked along the boardwalk to the Hastings market where I bought some fresh melon and bananas. The market had a few produce vendors, arts and crafts, and a smooothie/juice bar. I had a fresh fruit smoothie with mangos and bananas, mmmm. I walked back only the beach and even though it was overcast, it was beautiful. I cannot believe I am actually in Barbados.

Can you see the little crabs?
After another quick stop at the grocery store, I finally headed home. Just in time too because it started to pour as I was getting home. Now I'm going to relax with my ice cold Banks Beer and hope that the sun comes out so I can go relax on the beach.

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