Thursday, May 22, 2014

molly's adventure

I still have plenty of pictures and stories to share from visiting with mom BUT I think this is a worth while interruption.

My main girl, Molly, is moving to London, ENGLAND! Not London, Ontario. I had to clarify, because I would be excited if she moved to London, Ontario too, way closer to me! I am so proud of this girl, you have no idea. She gave up a job she loved to do something that she has always wanted to do. This is something totally outside of the box for Molly who is even more OCD than me! (hard to believe I know!) She's going to London to work at a pub and she's living in a cottage next door with some friends. It sounds like perfection to me. She has started a blog and I'm so excited to follow along on her adventure, and I thought you (whoever is reading this, that is) would want to follow her too!

Love you girl! I can't wait to hear all about your adventures. And hopefully I can come visit you soon so we can have some adventures together! xoxoxo

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