Tuesday, July 15, 2014

sunday funday

One of the things that was top on Steph's Barbados to-do list was swimming with the sea turtles. I had so much fun on the Jolly Roger and the catamaran cruise that it was quite the toss-up. When I found out that the Jolly Roger wasn't running that weekend, it made the decision a lot easier. We boarded the Cool Runnings around 10:00 am and started the day off right with some rum and pineapple juice.

First stop was to see Nemo's friends.
Since the serious swimming was done and we had a big buffet lunch to sustain us, we enjoyed a few more beverages...as you may be able to tell by the pictures.
And lastly, the only picture of the two of us with both of our eyes open.
I'm so happy Steph came to visit! We're not just cousins, she's one of my best friends and I'm so happy she got to share this experience with me. Love you Stephy!!

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