Wednesday, July 9, 2014

island tour number three

Steph and I spent the whole week deciding what we wanted to do with our limited days together. Since I worked during the day, we really only had two full days to work with. We went back and forth between a few options (including Harrison's Cave, surfing lessons, and a Mount Gay rum tour) but finally settled on an island tour. Once we landed on that, we needed to decide which tour company to use, which tour to choose, how much to spend ... Finally, we chose Sun Tours Picture Perfect Tour. We weren't totally sold on the coach bus tour, but this tour covered a lot of the island for a decent price (and it included lunch and rum punch, very important).

Saturday morning, while we are watching for the bus to pull up, a gentleman knocks on our door. How did we miss the big yellow bus drive by? Turns out, we were the only ones to sign up for the tour that day so we had our own private driver. Score!

I won't bore you with too many details but our tour stops included: Cherry Tree Hill, Chalky Mount Pottery, Morgan Lewis Windmill, Bathsheba, Bath Beach, St John's Parish Church, Ragged Point Lighthouse and Bottom Bay. Now, I'll let the pictures do the talking.
The potter at Chalky Mount did a little demonstration for us. All of the clay is from the east coast of Barbados. As much as I would have loved to buy some of his work, I think my baggage is already going to tip the scales.
We had a lovely little picnic (the picnic basket definitely made it!) We had fish and cheese cutters, bananas, coconut bread (to die for), and lots of rum punch!
I may or may not be a cat whisperer (or a crazy cat lady, but I like the first option better). These guys were begging from all the people having beach side picnics.
Clothing malfunctions all day long. You would think that by island tour number three I would know how windy the coast is and wear a shirt that doesn't have a mind of its own. At least I remembered to do my hair up so I didn't end up with dread-locks.
Please excuse the poorly painted naked lady graffitti.
I must say, Bottom Bay is defintely the most beautiful beach in Barbados.
We bought a coconut off of some guys on the beach. They hacked it open for us and we went to frolic in the ocean. The coconut water would have been way better if it was cold, but unfortunately, there was no room for ice ... 
And then this happened. 
Before we left, we had the coconut guys crack open our nut so we could eat the flesh. Much better than the water.

Our day didn't end here, but our tour did. We went on a little adventure on our own after getting dropped off in the middle of no where. That post is soon to come (well maybe not that soon because I'm leaving the country for a couple days, oh the suspense!)

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