Sunday, September 21, 2014

to blog or not to blog

That is the question. Since coming home from Barbados I really haven't done much that I find "blog-worthy." I love Kingsville, it's a great town. But in all honesty, there isn't all that much to do. We have a great foodie community and as much as I would love to share restaurant reviews, it isn't exactly common to see people with big SLR cameras snapping away in Kingsville (compared to a big city I suppose). I would love to share travel photography, however I'm not exactly in a finacial situation that allows me to travel. I love lifestyle blogs and wardrobe posts, but Rob wouldn't be so willing to take pictures of my outfits every where we go. So that leaves me with DIY and home projects. Is that enough? I guess we'll see. With that out of the way, I guess I should start sharing some DIY projects right?

Do you remember the black and white pillow from this post? I was at ikea a while ago and had a black and white pillow in my cart ($16.99 with the pillow, pretty good price). Before checking out I headed to the as is section and found a black and white pillow case for $2.00! I knew I had inserts at home so I ditched the pre-fab pillow and grabbed the pillow case instead. One straight line of stiching later and I had a pillow cover. I was also left with about 8 inches of fabric from the pillow case. Being the fabric hoarder I am, I decided to keep it. A few weeks later and I was staring at this mustard yellow stool I had taken from my grandma's house. It had the cutest hairpin legs that had seen better days, but captured my heart. So I grabbed my favourite gold spray paint and had at it. I originally planned for the stool to act as the chair for the desk in our kitchen, but I couldn't decide on a fabric for that room (we haven't really done anything in the way of decorating in there). As I was digging through my fabric remnants I came across the piece from the pillowcase. A few staples later and I was in love. See for yourself.
It's become the "aquarium stool." Rob and I often sit there and just stare into the aquarium (which is coming along nicely, I must say). And there you have my quick stool update!

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