Monday, September 1, 2014


We finally got our new laptop charger in the mail so now I have to sift through all the pictures I've taken over the last few weeks. I have lots of house stuff to share but before I do that I wanted to share a couple photos from camping! My friend, Emma, had been travelling (South America, Fiji, and mostly New Zealand) for 16 months and she finally came home a couple weeks ago! We had plans to go camping the weekend she got home but we surprised her on Wednesday when she got home from the airport! After a long night of catching up we spent the next day lounging watching Friends (like literally all day, I think we finished two seasons!)

Friday morning we left the city behind and drove out to the country to set up camp. The main reason for choosing Elora was Riverfest, a folk/blues-ish music festival. After pitching our tents and cracking a few beers, the boys arrived and then we headed to the festival grounds. It was quite the little university reunion! 
We arrived just in time to hear the Arkells (from Hamilton, Ontario). And then set up our blanket on the lawn to listen to the rest of the bands. Once back at the site we roasted marshmallows and spider-dogs on the fire.

Unfortunately I left the next morning while everyone stayed for another day of the festival. But I definitely want to go back to Elora to explore and spend more time at the gorge. Even though it was short it was amazing to see everyone again. Hopefully we can have another reunion soon!

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