Tuesday, December 1, 2015

soon to be mrs

My poor blog, which was my baby, has sat neglected for literally an entire year. Hopefully I'm more attentive when I have real babies.

It seems like so much has changed since my last post, but at the same time, so little. We "brought home baby" aka our cat Luna. Who seems to have taken the place of the blog as my baby. We are 110% obsessed with her. She is the best and worst cat all at the same time. I could literally write hundreds of posts about her. And maybe that's why I stopped blogging because everyone (well not that anyone reads this anymore) would be totally sick of hearing about Luna.

We are still living in our little rental. Not much has changed. I should probably take some updated photos to show, but that would mean cleaning and who has time for that! We have tried and failed at buying two homes. The first loss more heart breaking than the second. But maybe third time is a charm. Hopefully we can move into something before the wedding.

And there it is folks, the only exciting thing that has happened since my last post. Rob proposed! We are officially getting hitched. The date is set, venue booked, there's no backing out now Rob!

When looking for a name for my blog I wanted it to be something that could follow me or grow with me for longer than one season of my life. I wanted "jyll along the way" to literally follow me along the way. And I figure since now is probably one of the most exciting times of my life, I should get my butt in gear and revive the blog!

My goal is to share some of my planning process, my DIY projects, and hopefully a little business venture I'm working on!

In the mean time I figured I would share some quick photos my cousin, Steph, took for us at our engagement party!

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