Wednesday, April 23, 2014

love long weekends

The long weekend couldn't have come at a better time. I seriously needed a break from school before the home stretch. My mom and I went shopping in the States on Friday and we had quite the haul! I really needed office clothes for Barbados but I also wanted some fun summer clothes. With a list in hand we hit the racks and I must say we got everything on my list (plus some!).

So what did I get? 4 tops for work (pictured below), 2 other summer-y tops, a patterned work dress, a pencil skirt, a maxi dress and skirt, a pair of shorts, a skort (yes a skort, I promise it's cute!), a couple camisoles and a cardigan! I also got some new workout gear and a bikini top (no shopping spree is complete without one bathing suit in my opinion).

Saturday my parents had Easter dinner at their house. We set up an Easter egg hunt for my cousin's two little girls, Annie and Ally, and they loved it! I can't get enough of those two! 

Sunday Rob and I went for a pretty long bike ride. Hopefully we will have a few more chances to go in between finishing school and leaving for Barbados.

Overall, this weekend was full of great food, tonnes of chocolate and being lazy. My favourite kind of weekend! It even involved a little DIY (which I will hopefully share soon!)

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